MI Backpacker

The most Interesting Backpacker in the World


Courtesy of Alex Vertikoff (written by Vertikoff www.vertikoff.com)


When he hangs bear bags, the bears guard the tree.

He once told his fellow hikers he was lost just to hear the wild animals snicker.

 Philmont rangers ask him how to pee in the woods.

The Loch Ness Monster thinks he is a myth.

He once started a fire, using dental floss and water.

If you need ANYTHING in the wilderness.  He has it and it is in it’s own plastic bag.

Restaurants in Silver City Stay open late just for him.

He has proof that the bermuda triangle is actually a parallelogram.

He can divide by zero

When google can't find it... they call him

He once revived a CPR dummy.

Trails turn into straight segments just to accomadate his GPS

When asked on reinventing the wheel, he was quoted saying "what was wrong with my original design?"

He doesn't use sun screen, when he goes outside the daylight adjusts accordingly.

He is a master chef, when he dices the onions, they cry.

Kanye West would let him finish an acceptance speech.

He is always on time... Yet somehow arrives fashionably late.

He once thought he made a mistake, but was mistaken

His son has a tattoo that reads DAD

He once had a conversation with Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris left a better man.

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