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Novel: Road Signs

After a near-fatal climbing accident, mysterious desert roads lead David into the past, the future, and back to the present he sought to escape.  (

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(Modern Magical Realism Story-What Is Magical Realism : Magical Realism Examples)

SouthWest Explorer

On the Southwest Explorer page I post wilderness experiences in the form of STORYTELLER'S TOURS, which are wilderness guides with all content you need to explore an area, but with some story-telling punch.

The Grand Gulch Experience - "Ancient and modern man alike have stood atop the dramatic edge of this uplift surveying distances so vast as to cause them to ponder the mystical, as well as the geographic..."

Aldo Leopold Wilderness - High country in the desert latitudes of southern New Mexico creates magical environs which can be found nowhere else. 50 mile trek.

Sand Island, Castle Rock, McElmo Canyon - (Question of the Anasazi Southwest Abandonment) Something had wiped out a wide swath of villagers at places such as Castle Rock and Sand Canyon Pueblo, something terrible….

Bisti Badlands and the De-Na-Zin Wilderness - The Bisti and De-Na-Zin Wilderness are strange and picturesque badlands etched out of a most unlikely and barren terrain of table-top desert.

Choquequirao Trek: The lesser-known route to Machu Picchu. This remote Inca Trail past Machu Picchu's Sacred Sister travels through dramatic glacial scenery, plunging thick forested slopes,  and "old world" Peru. It's quite unlike the crowded and famous Inca Trail that starts from Cusco. This route takes you past the lost city of Choquequirao, Machu Picchu's sacred sister, hidden high atop the Andes in cloud forests.

Ruins of Combs Ridge - (coming next)

e-Short Stories

Links to several short-stories on this site by Jay Archer David.

most interesting Backpacker...

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Jay Archer David

Novels of the magical realism have come a long way in the past few years, but perhaps none will take the reader quite as far as Jay Archer David’s ROAD SIGNS. Subtitled, A Book of Practical Magic, there is indeed a magic in these pages.

...novel by Jay Archer David